Alex Proctor

President - 2005/2006


  As you can see by the two photograghs we have revampted the SAMS chain, sorry we can't do the same for the President, but a new chain doesn't change the aims and values of SAMS. We still strive to link Magicians and Magic Clubs in Scotland, whether it be with our S.A.M.S. Convention or just meeting Magicians where ever we travel.

No matter where I visit I always mention that in Scotland we have the finest Magicians in the world, whether it be in the past, the present or, and I have seen some fine youngsters who will carry it I'm sure, into the future, Scotland has always been at the forefront of world Magic.

I know that this will continue to be and it will, if we all pull together in what ever way we can for Magic.

I hope to meet with you at our Convention in April, until then, keep fooling them.

Alex. R. Proctor
President, Scottish Association of Magical Societies